Rooted in the study of medicinal cuisine, one facet of Nicholas’ Fare approaches food for recovery; through techniques and ingredients formulated  to maximize vitality  and well being.


Personal Chef Services: Specializing in restorative cuisine and weekly food plans.

Nutritional Cooking Instruction: become a kitchen alchemist and transform your kitchen into a culinary laboratory.

Medicinal Cuisine uses modern nutritional science and classic culinary technique to facilitate a physiological modification within the dietary domain of treatment. Many people are unaware of the correlation of the food they eat with the way they feel, or their own influence on their health patterns and vitality. Common ailments such as colds and flu, to chronic conditions of asthma, diabetes, arthritis and weight control can be addressed with carefully designed recipes and herbal elixirs.

In assisting a client, it is important to understand their individual health challenges and treat them holistically. At that point, a cleaning process may be required to detoxify and break any dependencies or food addictions. Following with a regeneration regime with a neutral body, to support maximum nutrient absorption, increase peristalsis, promote intestinal flora growth, and increase oxygen to the cells.

Meals, juices and teas can be prepared to work with the body's systems and complement their individual needs. Foods can be used to strengthen and tone, act as preventative medicine, and to maintain robust health and balance.

"I am pleased to use these tools to delight the palate
and help those to discover the power of food.”