Welcoming refreshments

leaf Herbal Sangria, 21 herbs, spices & fresh fruit
leaf Green tea Mojitos, w/ lemon & mint
leaf Hyssop & lime lemonade

Harvest table

Fresh vegetable crudités
leaf Assorted raw & blanched vegetable medley
leaf Asparagus, summer squash, spring onions, Portobello mushrooms
leaf Tri colored peppers. Sugar snap peas, French green beans
leaf Carrots, radishes, Belgium endive, served on a bed of purple kale
leaf Romesco sauce, Goat cheese ranch dressing

Bruschetta bar
Choose from the following spreads & dips
leaf Assorted dips served w/ fire-toasted bruchetta
leaf White bean and Roasted Garlic Flan
leaf Rosemary oil & cracked green pepper
leaf Arugula, basil, pine nut & Parmesan pesto
leaf Sun dried tomato & roasted red pepper red lentil pate’
leaf Roasted mushroom & cognac pate’
leaf Fire roasted eggplant Baba ghanoush
leaf Roasted garlic Hummus
leaf Tri colored Tapanade

Fruit and Cheese platters
leaf Organic grapes, stone fruits, strawberry papaya,
leaf Fresh baked breads, crackers, dried fruits & seasoned nuts
leaf “Yerba Santa” chevre coated w/ fresh herbs,
leaf “Humboldt Fog” drizzled w/Madeira reduction and spiced hazelnuts
leaf 3 year Dutch Gouda, Boucharon, Manchego, Aged English Cheddar
leaf Wheels of Brie baked in puff pastry drizzled w/honey & toasted almonds


Seafood trough
diamond Packed w/ wet & dry ice, Te leaves, orchids & lemon slices
diamond Cajun seasoned gulf prawns accompanied with
space spiced cocktail sauce & pimento aioli
diamond Crab Louis in endive leaf
space 1000 island dressing, diced tomatoes
diamond Ahi tartare sesame wontons, wasabi cream

Passed hors d' oeuvres
diamond Appetizer soups served in demitasse
diamond Dungeness crab bisque with Meyer lemon cream
leaf Heirloom tomato gazpacho w/ avocado, cucumber & radish Brunoise
leaf White asparagus vichyssoise, truffle-parsley pesto
leaf Thai coconut curry soup w/ Kafir lime and galangal
leaf Mini mushroom wellington, shallot braised tofu wild mushroom
space Duxelles wrapped in puff pastry and baked golden
leaf Braised Fennel and chevre flan piped into endive leaves
leaf Gnocchi al Romana rounds topped with Gorgonzola & sage
leaf Pumpkin and wild rice waffles w/ mushroom walnut pate′
leaf Potato pancakes with spiced sour cream and apple chutney
leaf Zucchini cups with an arugula, pistachio and Fava bean pesto
leaf Ratatouille rolls. Roasted Mediterranean vegetables in Feta pastry
leaf Rolled Eggplant Moussaka, Greek spiced lamb & tomato sausage,
space piped Béchamel custard
leaf Fresh figs stuffed with Point Reyes blue cheese, Port coulis
leaf Wild mushroom tartlet, toasted sage & Pecorino cheese
diamond Quarter sized, braised beef short rib empanadas
space with aged Gouda & Chipolte cream
diamond Confit of duck strudel w/ yam julienne, caramelized red onion,
space mandarin coulis
diamond Wild rice bilini pancakes w/ duck breast
diamond Rosehip coulis topped w/seared foie gras.
diamond Endive leaves piped w/ foie gras mousse, & sauterne reduction
diamond Rumaki, maple lacquered bacon, chestnut & date
diamond Provencal eggplant wrapped w/Nieman ranch bacon, buttermilk ranch
diamond Roasted beef medallions rolled w/ horseradish & watercress
diamond Medallions of venison canapés, brioche, currant juniper chutney
diamond Smoked turkey canapés with Port macerated cranberries & red onion
diamond Sesame seared Ahi Tuna, wonton cup, spiced slaw, wasabi cream
diamond Purple Peruvian potato, smoked sturgeon, crème fraiche, beluga caviar
diamond Buttermilk crepes filled with Lemon verbena poached Alaskan salmon,
space Caramelized shallots & crisp asparagus
diamond Halibut fritters with avocado aioli, Topiko caviar and chive
diamond 5 spiced rock shrimp rice chips, Asian micro mix
space Bonito habanero aioli
diamond Dungeness Crab cakes with shaved fennel and Meyer lemon aioli
diamond Beer battered cod with kosher pickle aioli
diamond Roulade of spicy tuna tartare, minced hijiki, ponzu sauce
diamond Spelt bilinis, crème fraiche choice of caviar, or sea palm caviar
space nasturtium berries, blossoms & aioli
diamond Smoked salmon rosette on cucumber, Meyer lemon cream, dill
diamond Smoked salmon and chevre and sorrel roulade
diamond Lamb, chic pea and coriander kofta w/ mint pesto
diamond Samosa of chicken curry, apple caramelized carrot and onion
space with a coriander mango chutney
diamond Moroccan braised lamb and apricot brochette
diamond Grilled prawns filled w/ Topiko caviar, avocado aioli
diamond Rice paper wrapped w/ shredded vegetables, Teriyaki julienne tofu
space Served with sweet Chinese mustard sauce
diamond 5 spiced pork stuffed Japanese eggplant rounds
diamond Five spice seared duck breast on rice chip, mandarin marmalade
diamond Hoisin Satays of tofu, tempeh, braised pork, chicken, beef or shrimp
space Served over pasilla pepper and cilantro, Chinese cabbage slaw
diamond Kaffir lime Grilled chicken skewers with Thai Chile pesto

Stationary Appetizers


Antipasti Platters

leaf Marinated, roasted or grilled assorted vegetables
diamond Waldorf salad lettuce cups, shredded Bibb lettuce
space Roasted chicken, blue cheese dressing, chopped grapes
diamond Jamon Serrano with ambrosia Melon
diamond Individual lamb chop roasted with porcini rosemary butter
diamond Seared wild duck breast with zinfandel duck demi glace
space Served over a potato cheddar pie
diamond Serrano Ham wrapped lemon-poached asparagus w/ truffle aioli
diamond Smoked Salmon, English cucumbers, shallots
space Nasturtium cream, capers & dill
diamond Chorizo and pimento stuffed squid
space Marsala butter sauce
diamond Five spiced hoison baby back ribs
space Cilantro poblano Chinese cabbage slaw
diamond Skewered tempura shrimp, ginger soy lemongrass drizzle
space Over crispy noodle cilantro slaw
diamond Chicken wings prepared three ways
diamond Braised in Chile cilantro sauce w/ chipolte cream
diamond Ginger, soy honey sauce w/ wasabi cream
diamond Hot wing sauce w/ blue cheese

The After party

Pizza station
leaf Fresh baked pizzas, made to order,
space with a variety of ingredients to choose from
leaf Burger bar, build your own burger, Nieman Ranch sliders &
space veggie burgers grilled to order with the whole range of accompaniments


leaf Assorted cookies & brownies
leaf Pfeffernuesse & brandy ganache napoleons
leaf Apple turnovers dusted w/ cinnamon powdered sugar
leaf Chocolate chocolate tart w/ vanilla bean whipped cream
leaf Chocolate curls, & raspberry garnish
leaf Mocha Cheesecake w/ Frangelico Carmel coulis
space Kaluha whipped cream
leaf Meyer lemon cheesecake, golden kiwi coulis
space Kafir lime leaf chiffonade
leaf Fresh fruit skewers w/ lemon grass agave syrup
leaf Chocolate mousse in martini glass