Salad plateFennel and chevre flan
Petite greens with gewürztraminer vinaigrette
Honey toasted almonds & Bosc pear

Smoked shiitake salad
Lightly smoked baby shitake mushroom caps w/ tender greens,
tomato concassé, pearl onions, candied pecans & avocado,
tossed in a creamy roma tomato dressing

Mixed green salad with white balsamic vinaigrette, pine nuts, chevre
Sweet 100 tomatoes, French green beans, balsamic cured shallots & basil

Caesar salad with foccacia nori croutons, Parmesan reggiano
Anchovies, grilled sourdough & aioli

Tender greens, Bosc pear, dressed with creamy sherry vinaigrette
Dry jack cheese, tomato concassé and crisp pancetta

Roasted tri color beets, frizeé dressed in a beet balsamic vinaigrette
Humboldt fog goat cheese & honey toasted hazelnuts

Mixed greens w/champagne tarragon vinaigrette, sweet pea oil
Seared salmon and cucumber roulade, sea salt cured nasturtium berries

California Capresse salad, Heirloom tomato varieties
Watercress, shredded buffalo mozzarella, basil oil
White balsamic, black salt

Radicchio di Treviso, cambozola cheese
Marcona almonds, lavender hydrosol honey vinaigrette

Mixed greens & matchstick vegetables w / Sesame ginger miso vinaigrette
Braised tofu, cashews, scallions, diakon radish

Tempeh salad, Tamari and agave baked tempeh croutons
Seared baby shiitake caps, mung sprouts, cherry tomatoes
Mizuna and Tot soi w/ mustard seed flax oil vinaigrette



diamond Lobster bisque, Meyer Lemon cream
diamond Dungeness crab bisque with Meyer lemon cream
diamond Rich chicken & penny egg noodle
diamond Chinese 5 spiced egg drop miso soup
diamond Hot n’ sour w/bean curd thread, egg, dong quai
leaf Roasted pumpkin soup, baked with a chevre soufflé topping
leaf Thai coconut curry soup w/ Kafir lime and galangal
leaf Heirloom tomato gazpacho w/ avocado, cucumber & radish brunoise
leaf White asparagus vichyssoise, truffle-parsley pesto
leaf Blue oyster mushroom bisque w/ thyme crouton
leaf Wild mushroom consommé w/ porcini dumplings
leaf Braised Endive Bisque w/ sweet fennel & cashew cream
leaf Gazpacho Sevilliana de Almendras, raw almond soup w/ Sherry
leaf Silky roasted beet bisque w/ lavender blackberry coulis
leaf Delecata squash w/ sumac & milk thistle gomasio